Clara’s House

St. Robert Health Ministry in partnership with CLARA’S HOUSE

St. Robert has entered into an agreement with Clara’s House, a primary care health clinic which can provide comprehensive care for those without health insurance. The Health Ministry will be overseeing the agreement and referrals to Clara’s House. Referral forms must be completed and sent by email or fax to the clinic. There may be 6-8 week period before the first appointment. All necessary health care will then be provided at the clinic or referred to appropriate providers.

Note the following:

  • All emergencies (such as chest pain, bleeding or fractures) should be sent to the nearest emergency room.
  • All urgent care illnesses (such as colds, flu and other illnesses) which are urgent but not life-threatening, should be sent to an urgent-care clinic.
  • All specialty care illnesses (such as needs for psychiatric or pain medications, cardiac or neurology problems are not part of the primary care service performed at Clara’s House.
  • Old medical records, names and addresses of former medical providers and all medications (including empty bottles) should be brought to the appointment by the patient.

Referral Process:

  • Individuals, without health insurance, identified at the Blood Pressure screenings who are in need of ongoing medical treatment and follow-up may be screened and referred to the clinic. (Spanish-speaking staff are available.)
  • All referral forms must be completed by Marie Nitz or Maria Magana from the Health Ministry Committee and then forwarded to the clinic. Father may suggest a referral as well.
  • Individuals will be reminded that there may be a delay in getting the 1st appointment and also the importance of attending all future appointments.
  • St. Robert Parish will not be responsible for any of the medical cost, medical equipment or transportation that might be needed by the referred individual. (The clinic has access or some funds and resources that might help in these situations.)


This is approved by Fr. Arnold Parungao, the Administrator of St. Robert’s Sacramento

For more information, please contact Marie Nitz

or visit Clara House website