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St. Robert Health Ministry Committee

The St. Robert Health Ministry Committee is a regular standing committee of St. Robert Parish that functions under the leadership of the Pastor and the Parish Pastoral Council. The Committee began in December 2006. Health Ministry emphasizes the wholeness of body, mind and spirit as part of the mission and ministry of a faith community to its members and the community it serves. It is a cooperative effort of health professionals and other interested members who have a desire to focus on health promotion and disease prevention programs in their community. The committee provides workshops on health-related topics of current interest to our parishioners.

Health Ministry encourages whole person health through self-knowledge and encourages people to take responsibility for their own health. The Health Ministry members facilitate the use of available resources in the parish and the community rather than provide “hands on” health care services. They do not duplicate other available nursing or medical services, but seek to creatively bridge the gaps in health education and the health care delivery system.

Mission of Health Ministry Committee:

The Health Ministry Committee’s mission is to enhance the physical, mental and spiritual health of St. Robert parishioners and the neighboring community through education, support and linkage to available services.

Services Provided:

The Health Ministry members provide a variety of services to the parish and the community. They provide lunches with health-topic speakers and have scheduled “blood pressure checks” after each Mass. (This is currently done every 2 months.) In addition, the Health Ministry Committee also plans for an annual Healing Liturgy service and provides receptions following parish events.

The Health Ministry members have received training that prepares them for making home or facility visits to parishioners who are not able to attend Mass. They are also available to take the Eucharist to those individuals when requested. To receive services or to refer someone, please contact the parish office at (916) 451-1475.


There are two levels of membership available. Regular members must be available to attend monthly meetings and be willing to participate in the various activities provided by the committee. In addition, there is an auxiliary membership. These members are individuals who may not be available on a regular basis, but have an interest in supporting the committee by offering their particular skills, knowledge and talents.

If you have an interest in joining or would like further information about the Health Ministry Committee, please contact the Parish Office or Marie Nitz at (916) 456-7495 or email

St. Robert Health Ministry Membership

Carrera, Olivia
Mainz, Judy
Donald, Grace
Lozoya, Laverne
Magana, Maria L.
Morales, Hortencia
Morales, Josie & Delores                         
Nitz, Marie
Nussbaum, Barbara
Guillaume, Robert
Orozco, Yolanda
Stults, Mary Lou

Auxilary members:

Michelle Archer
Maggi Slayton
Kathy Spitzer
Rosa Florez
Lisa Constancio