Building Committee

St. Robert Building Committee

The St. Robert Building Committee is an Advisory Committee of St. Robert Parish. The Building Committee consults and advises the Pastor on matters relating to the maintenance of the parish facilities. It consists of parishioners who have an interest in the maintenance of our parish facility, including the church, social hall, gym, school and parish grounds. They report directly to the Pastor. They will seek and receive information as needed to make recommendations on needed repairs or improvements that will help to maintain the facility and provide for safety of all who are present for parish activities.

At the Pastor’s request, they will interact with other parish committees, such as the Pastoral Council and the Finance Committee. They will be required to make regular checks of the facilities and report their findings to the pastor. When major repairs are required, they may be asked to review the recommendation, with the final decision being made by the Pastor.

For further information or interest in joining the Building Committee, please contact Fr. Arnold or Marie Nitz, Building Committee Chair at (916)456-7495 or

St. Robert Building Committee Membership

Marie Nitz, Chair
Bob Guillaume
Ray Turner
Deacon Preciliano Ramirez
Robert and Yolanda Orozco